Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough

Twilight Kakariko Village

Once you are back at the spring, you can return to the village if you like and talk to the townsfolk who will ask you to find and rescue the lost children. Go to the north, towards the forest temple, but go to the west towards Coro’s shop when you reach the large gate. Continue past it and you will come out to Hyrule Field. Make your way north and then west to get to The Eldin Province and you will get stopped by the Postman along the way. Read his ever so interesting letter and continue on the road until you reach the twilight blocking the path. Enter the twilight and you will be back in your wolf form. Continue up the path to find a sword stuck in the ground and then sniff it. Once you do, you will have the children’s scent and can see their path by using your senses.

Continue forward to the open range and you will get attacked by three shadow beings. Defeat them and you will be told how to you the portals that they leave behind. Now you will need to teleport to North Faron Woods to get the bridge that is missing. Select it and when you arrive, look to the right to see the bridge. Warp with it back to Kakariko Gorge and then continue across to the large gate blocking the way. Dig under it on the left side to get past, and continue following the trail to another group of three Shadow Beings. Once you take them down, you will get another portal and another scene will play at the waterfall. Take the Vessel of Light for Eldin and you will now need to collect the tears in the area like you did previously.

Once you have the tears marked on your map, the three closest are just to the east of the area inside a hut. Go around the hut until Midna jumps up and then use him to climb to the top. Fall through the opening and then a long scene will play with the children and the cellar. Once it is over, grab the stick on the ground and use the flame to light each end. Run up the stairs and hop across each gap to light the flames. When all the candles are lit, the statue will move and you can enter the cellar. Follow the corridor to the first room and inside will be the three insects to defeat for the tears. Do so and continue down the tunnel to the scaffolding and hop out to the Graveyard. In the graveyard there will be another insect crawling around, but you will need to dig it out of the ground to get it first. Do so and then head to the east down the path and head for the building directly ahead of you. To get on its roof, go to the left of it and climb up the small ramp and continue upwards until you reach the hole in the roof you can fall through.

Once inside, push the box out of the way and the insect will start to scurry about. Kill it for the fifth tear and Midna will let you jump out of the house to exit. Go to the house to the right of the one you just exited and it will be Barnes Bomb Shop. Climb the small roof to the right and then jump and dash to crash through the window to enter. Once inside, climb up the stairs and then dash against the dresser to knock it over, revealing the insect behind it. Kill it for the sixth tear and then exit via the open doorway to the right. Go up the stairs that are at the rear of the Bomb Shop and make your way to the left. Here you will find a small shack with a warning sign in front of it. Enter the small opening to the right of it and pick up the stick from the fireplace. Use the flames in the corner on it and then set the fireplace alight. When you do, the insects will go crazy and start lighting the shack on fire. If you like, you can wait around and collect some rupees that appear, but if you wait too long before exiting the building, it will blow up and you will die. Exit the shack and grab the tears that are now floating where the building was.

Go back towards the slope leading up the mountain and follow it to a shack. Look to the left side of it, and you will have a dig spot to enter through. Once inside, smash the pots in the corner to find the insect and then head back outside and back down to the village for the final few tears. Make your way to the General Store which will be on the south east side of the town. Go to the right side of it, and there will be a tunnel that leads inside the house. Simply climb through to enter the store and find the insect creeping around. For the final two insects, go to the slope on the southeast part of town that has a sign in front of it that reads “dead end.” Make your way up it and it will take you to another sign that says “do not jump.”

So go ahead and jump and enter the Inn through the open doorway there. Grab the stick from in front of the fireplace and again you’ll need to light the fireplace ablaze to get the insect to come out. Hop on the table to the left of the torch and run off to catch the wood on fire. Drop it in the fireplace and then get your tear. Next head through the doorway and you will find a few enemies on your way up the stairs to find the last insect in the village. Once you get it, make your way back to the fireplace room and hop up the boxes and ledges to get out through the doorway. Now you will need to head all the way north and go through the entrance towards Death Mountain. Once you get to the fence blocking the path, Midna will allow you to jump up and continue on. Follow the path all the way up to the area with steam geysers and the insect here will need to be dug up. Once you get it, continue following the geyser filled path until the end where you will find Death Mountain. Continue to the open area and you will have to face off against 4 Shadow Beings at once.

Once the four of them are defeated, use your sense to find the insect on the far wall and take it out to get the next tear. Once you have it, climb the step to the left of the fence and Midna will let you jump up to the top ledge. Follow it along to the right and there will be a slope along the edge of it at the far end. Carefully walk up it and then use Midna to jump atop the ledge. Once up, follow the path and then jump off to the right to the large open area below with the green fog. Here you will find the final insect and get the final tear.

After the long cutscene, make your way up to Death Mountain again and climb the large fence when you reach it. The Goron above will knock you down and not let you pass. Head back to the town and Renado will stop you and tell you to go back to Ordon to talk to Bo, the mayor, as he will have a way for you to pass the Gorons. Make your way south in the village and Epona will show up. To get ahold of him, you will need to move the controls back and forth and press A to finally seize it. Once you do, now you can head back to much Ordon faster. Race back through the Hyrule Fields to Ordon village and speak to the Mayor at his house. Next there will be a long scene with the Mayor explaining his fight with the Gorons and you will then need to sumo wrestle with him. You can do it easily learn it by pressing A quickly and waggling when told to do so. Once you push the Mayor out of the ring twice, he will give you the Iron Boots and you will need to head back to Death Mountain.