Leaked, possibly Photoshopped screen reveals Alex in Super Street Fighter IV [UPDATE]

We've known for a few weeks that there are two new SSFIV characters on the way via the Japanese arcade release, and while Capcom hasn't said they'll be coming to console DLC, everyone knows they will. As is the case with mysterious new fighting game characters, speculation has run high amongst the faithful; Elena, R. Mika? Not likely, if this screen is to be believed.

Above: A totally fake/real SSFIV screencap/Photoshop.

Spotted on Gooteck's Twitter account, the screen clearly shows Alex in action, smacking Rufus with his Flash Chop. While the image looks pretty believable, the shading seems a little suspect so it wouldn't surprise of if this is a fake. Alexis the main character of theStreet Fighter 3 series though, so we're inclined to believe he's made the cut. Even though it’s far from confirmed, the previously leaked SSFIV screens have seemed to be pretty legit, as the early T.Hawk and Hakan info checked out as did the Japanese arcade screen.

So who's the other character? We still have a strong feeling it'll be Rolento, as he was revealed to be almost completely finished for SSFIV before being nudged out by Adon. The interview also mentions that his level was finished too, and we doubt Capcom is going to let all that hard work go to waste.

UPDATE: Looks like it's a confirmed fake, R. Mika fans rejoice!

Aug 25, 2010

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