Leaked images suggest there's a second The Outer Worlds DLC on the way

The Outer Worlds
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A second The Outer Worlds DLC has seemingly been leaked.

This comes from a Twitter post by Tyler McVicker, creator of Valve News Network on YouTube, who mentioned that he’s aware of a second The Outer Worlds DLC that is months from release. He said, “Okay. I effectively know about 50% of what the next Obsidian Outer worlds DLC is going to include, even though we are months away from release.” 

In a follow up tweet, McVicker revealed a set of images that each pictured new area maps for the unannounced DLC, including one that seems to be of a settlement, and the others being for the interior layout of buildings. 

That’s not all, as McVicker also went on to share more assets from the game, including the supposed DLC loading screen, picturing a woman, a bottle of alcohol, and with the title Rizzo’s Spectrum above her head. Further photos were shared of new inventory items from the game, including a variety of colourful weapons, as well as images of different coloured bottles of vodka. 

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Taking the multiple leaks into consideration, alcohol seems to be a trend within the assets, perhaps one of the maps is the interior of a bar of somesorts. Obsidian Entertainment has yet to announce a second DLC, but McVicker has established an impressive track record with his work on Valve titles, so we’ll have to wait and see. 

The Outer Worlds is an action RPG which launched in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, as well as a Nintendo Switch, which released June earlier this year. The first DLC, Peril On Gorgon, released in September this year and introduced a brand new planet for you to explore. 

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