The Outer Worlds DLC: All we know about expansions for the space-RPG

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If you're longing for The Outer Worlds DLC, you're in luck. More content for Obsidian's pseudo-drama in space has been confirmed, but what else do we know? We've got the details on The Outer Worlds DLC release date, what it might entail, the platforms it will be on, and more. So if you got to the end of The Outer Worlds and were desperate to continue exploring the vibrant, colourful planets, it's simply a waiting game. Here's everything we know about The Outer Worlds DLC.

The Outer Worlds DLC plan

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While Obsidian hasn't spilled the beans on the specifics contained within The Outer Worlds DLC, they have given some tidbits of information. For one, we know that the first Outer Worlds DLC pack will focus on "expanding the story" and that we'll find out more "at a later date". That's pretty vague, so let's speculate for a moment on what that could mean.

Without spoiling it, you're unable to continue exploring The Outer Worlds after the final mission. So any DLC they implement will have to follow the Fallout system, where you visit a new location to access it before completing the main storyline. Since The Outer Worlds sees you exploring various planets, this will almost certainly see you revisit an existing location like Scylla, Terra-2, or Monarch, then accept a quest that sees you head to a brand new planet or two – perhaps some of the inaccessible ones on the map, like Typhon or Hephaestus? There aren't any unexplored areas on the existing planets thanks to the fairly linear nature of the game that meant you visited everywhere along the way.

In terms of the story, perhaps you'll be able to acquire a new companion or two? It will ultimately be a lengthy side quest and since this is a space RPG, the entire universe is Obsidian's oyster; the narrative content could go in any direction they like since they're not bound by real world restrictions. Aliens exist in this world, remember.

This is just for the first Outer Worlds DLC pack too, since that's all we've heard about so far. If it sells well, perhaps we can expect a few more DLC packs to tide us over until The Outer Worlds 2? 

The Outer Worlds DLC release date and platforms

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As for The Outer Worlds DLC release date, Obsidian has confirmed it'll be some time in 2020. At the time of writing we're in January, which means there's 11 and a half months left of 2020, but fingers crossed it comes much sooner than that.

If I were a betting man, I'd guess it will be here before March though. For one sole reason; the Nintendo Switch port is believed to have a pre-March release date and while that isn't confirmed, releasing an expansion at the same time – and possibly as part of a bundle – with a new version of the game on another platform would be a very smart move indeed.

That also means that yes, the DLC will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and most likely Nintendo Switch too. While Obsidian is owned by Microsoft, who are the company behind the Xbox One, they signed that deal after The Outer Worlds was almost finished so future Obsidian games could well have Xbox exclusive content, The Outer Worlds doesn't and won't.

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