Leaked DualSense images could be your first look at the (almost) all black controller

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Photos of what appears to be a black DualSense are circulating on Twitter, and they also offer our best idea yet of the PS5 controller's exact size.

The images were posted by a new Twitter account, which allegedly belongs to somebody named Alex Kyaw, and were spotted by VGC. Most of the images focus on an all-black DualSense controller framed against a ruler, featuring labels written in Chinese (a quick Google translate says they just mean "appearance photo four" and so on in English, so no extra details to glean there).

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Sony has indicated that we shouldn't expect a black version of the PS5 DualSense controller to be available at launch, since it will be busy enough just making sure the standard two-tone models make it to market in time. These photos don't necessarily clash with that, since they could just be early production prototypes (and there's always the possibility that they're fakes).

Assuming they aren't fake, the most striking part of the picture is those all-white buttons and D-Pad. It's a choice. But if this is just a prototype, there's a decent chance that it's just using parts from the standard white-and-black production line as stand-ins. The final version could look very different.

Aside from the buttons, the photos also give us a good idea of the dimensions for DualSense: eyeballing from the photo, it looks like it's just under 180mm wide by 120mm tall, or about 7.1" by 4.7". That's substantially larger than DualShock 4, which is 162mm wide by 98mm tall, or 6.4" by 3.9". Again, these are estimates, and we can't even be sure these photos are legit, but they've given us a lot to think about while we keep on waiting for that PS5 price.

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