Latest Outriders Broadcast highlights a new class and post-campaign content

The latest monthly Outriders Broadcasts is one of the most in-depth explorations of People Can Fly's RPG shooter yet. We know the title is releasing for current-gen consoles, PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5, but the Outriders Broadcasts give us a ton of new info about what we can expect from the title. Check it out above and read on below for a breakdown.

First, we get a look at the fourth and final class, the Technomancer. The planet Enoch's violent anomaly storms may knock out everyone's tech, but the Technomancer can use its powers to exploit technology "to its most brutal capacity." Sick. According to the video, Technomancers are a great class choice for players who "pay special attention to the flow of combat." Technomancers love sniper rifles, interrupt boss skills, and can heal squadmates, so consider them a support role - or a great option for those trying to get through Enoch solo.

Technomancers' playstyle can be best defined by three core tenets: Ordinance, Gadgets, and Decay. Their melee can freeze enemies, and a portion of the damage they deal to enemies will be recovered as health. The video goes into great detail on five of the eight abilities the Technomancer will have, so make sure to watch it if you're interested in playing as the tech-summoning vampiric support characters (the Blighted Turret is pretty cool, NGL). 

Now, everyone wants to know what happens after the Outriders campaign, and this Broadcast is the first time we're getting any answers. Expeditions are the content you can jump into once you wrap up the main campaign and earn some new loot for your efforts. Since Outriders doesn't have any live-service elements, it's important to have some meaty post-campaign content. Expeditions will take you to points of interest that have popped up on Enoch that will offer new mysteries, new stories, and more powerful gear. 

After you beat the main storyline, you'll be in a new camp with a map showing new areas that are up for exploration. There will be no recycled content from the main campaign, instead Expeditions are "big, hand-crafted new levels with their own mechanics, challenges, and storyline." These challenges will have Challenge Tiers, which offer you richer rewards the faster you clear a mission - but only after you clear it, as enemies will no longer drop loot. 

You can adjust the Tier levels for each Expedition, and from the sound of it, you'll need to, as these challenges are frequently referred to as "vicious" and "brutal." Makes sense that you'll only get to touch an Expedition after you've beaten the main campaign and - hopefully - crafted a solid character build. 

Outriders Broadcast 4 also goes into great detail regarding the modding and crafting you can do in order to reach that illusive perfect build. It's seriously in-depth, and worth a watch, but expect the ability to mod weapons, armor, and abilities.  You can dismantle guns and replace mod slots on other weapons with a mod that you got from a dismantled gun - so if you want to be able to freeze your enemies and then strike them with lightening, you can pull an electricity mod from another weapon and slot it into a gun that freezes people Min-max until you go blue in the face, man. 

There's so much more in this broadcast that would be far too overwhelming to cover, but make sure to check it out if you're interested in riding out when Outriders drops next year.

Check out our Outriders preview right here. 

Alyssa Mercante

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