Latest Halo 3 internet update

It's a new week, which means anew internet updatetrickling from the Bungie fortress, and this week it focuses on Halo 3's new and improved battle encounters.

"Halo 3 encounters are more fun, more challenging, more varied and more enjoyable than those in Halo or Halo 2," the update reads. "The interplay and strategies created among the various Covenant foes is just thrilling."

"One weird thing that I just can't get used to (in a good way, I mean) is the fact that you have to plan for multiple encounters in one location. You can see a group in the distance, and head down to fight them. You could toss a grenade to get the party started - but here's a hint.Between you and them and the tumble of rocks and screen between you, I happen to know that a Phantom is going to drop off four Grunts and a Brute Chieftain."

"The Phantom itself is going to start laying down fire on you, so my suggestion is to bide your time, wait for the first Phantom, and take care of that before irritating those guys way down the hill." Now we're drooling.

The skirmish improvements are further touted by descriptions of the new and improved Covenant Grunt, which will apparently put up a decent fight this time around. "The AI on the opponents is more interesting too,"Bungie says. "Even a lone Grunt can be a nasty challenge. Actually, a lone Grunt is sometimes a cornered Grunt now. You've been warned."

Bring on the plasma-toting midgets!

March 26, 2007