Last Stop trailers set up 3 stories of modern London gone weird

Last Stop
(Image credit: Variable State)

A fresh trio of trailers will introduce you to Last Stop, the latest Annapurna Interactive title which just hit PC and consoles today.

Last Stop was created by Variable State, the developers of 2016 crime thriller Virginia, and it tells an episodic tale of three modern, mundane Londoners all in one package - or at least, they seem mundane at first. There's one trailer for each story, starting off with Meena: a professional who is ruthlessly dedicated to her job, which seems to include more "being strapped into a big hazardous environment suit and winched into a pit" than most high-powered Londoners tend to experience.

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Then there's John and Jack, apartment neighbors who interact just enough for single dad John to covet after Jack's seemingly carefree twenty-something life. If you've ever seen Freaky Friday, you can probably guess what comes next - but the question is what exactly made them trade places, and whether they'll ever be able to go back at all.

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Last up is Donna, who follows a mysterious neighbor by sneaks into an abandoned building with some friends and ends up participating in some light kidnapping to cover their tracks. To be fair, the neighbor in question does have the odd habit of standing in an old swimming pool with his eyes glowing bright green.

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Last Stop hit PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S today, and GR's own Alyssa Mercante got the chance to play all the way through and share her thoughts - while you can play through the episodes all in one go, she advises that "you'll want to let this one marinate a bit," especially to better appreciate the dramatic finale where everything comes together.

Annapurna has been on a roll recently, debuting fascinating new picks from independent creators including narrative-driven mystery Open Roads, recursive puzzler Maquette, and the first-person action game of shooting, sneezing, and doing the splits called Skin Deep. The label plans to hold a Twitch showcase all its own on July 29, and we'll be watching to bring you all the biggest announcements as they roll out.

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