Lara's Anniversary gift

We've managed to get hold of a shot of Tomb Raider: Anniversary and, compared to the first one released, this is positively action packed.

Earlier this year publisher Eidos announced its plans to release a remake of the original Tomb Raider for PS2, PC and PSP, and accompanied it with one solitary shot of Lara walking away. Now we can see her diving down a waterfall which is the sort of action we should be expecting from Anniversary.

The waterfall in the picture brings to mind the cog puzzle Lara had to solve in the Lost Valley. If this is the Anniversary equivalent it's obvious that things have grown in scale and complexity.

The game is being developed by Tomb Raider: Legend creators Crystal Dynamics, which means Lara will have the same all-springing and leaping move set, which in turn should mean all the puzzles will be undergoing a revamp.

Frustratingly, although the game is celebrating 10 years since Lara's 1996 debut, we'll have to wait till next year for its release.

November 28, 2006