Lara will leave you drooling

Next-generation Tomb Raider will leave you %26ldquo;drooling%26rdquo;, claims Eidos boss Ian Livingstone OBE, with Lara looking unbelievably realistic. %26ldquo;I%26rsquo;ve seen some of the in-game models and it%26rsquo;s just like watching television,%26rdquo; he claims. %26ldquo;If you felt you were in love with Lara Croft previously, you ain%26rsquo;t seen nothing yet. You%26rsquo;ll be drooling when you see the new Lara when she appears in the next iteration.%26rdquo; Expect more on Eidos%26rsquo; premier franchise in early 2007, with the plot expected to pick up where Tomb Raider Legend on PlayStation 2 left off.

Above: Good news for geeky perverts:Lara looks good in this screen, but apparently, this is nothing compared to what's to come.

January 19, 2007