Lair creator's new project revealed

Developer Factor 5, the creators of PS3 Sixaxis-enabled dragon-battler Lair, has revealed that it is working on a remake of the Turrican series, a Metroid -style platform/shooter game first released in the early 90s.

Plans are to give Turrican's traditional 2D battling a similar sort of 3D revamp as Nintendo did with Metroid. Factor 5 president Julian Eggebrecht says that he's been "looking at Metroid Prime's reinventing of a franchise... and we're facing same thing with Turrican." But the remake won't be a copy-and-paste job of Samus' lastest adventures.

"2D was all about world exploration in our games, but also about scale," Eggebrecht told gaming site Gamasutra in a recent interview. "That is one of the things we've transformed into our 3D games, where it's all about scale from macro to micro. I think some of these elements actually do apply, and they're quite different from what you've seen, say, in Metroid, which has a very rigid design."

Will it be a resurrection for the supposedly GameCube-bound Thornado? Or a whole new Turrican adventure? Rest assured, we're working on a way to roll up into a Turrican-esque impervious metal ball so we can infiltrate Factor 5's HQ and find out. If we haven't reported back in a week... Well, wait another week.

April 25, 2007

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