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L.A. Noire actor explains why the Doubt tactic is so aggressive

LA Noire
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An L.A. Noire actor has explained why the "Doubt" interrogation tactic is so aggressive in the game.

In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab) to mark the game's tenth anniversary, Cole Phelps actor Aaron Staton reflected on the detective game for its tenth anniversary. "One thing that ended up being different than how we shot it in the game was the entire interrogation tactic called 'Doubt'," Staton explains.

"When we filmed it, that tactic was called “Force.” It was not physical, it was a forceful intention, like, “Cut it out! Let’s get to the facts!” There was an intensity that was meant to shake up the moment," the Mad Men alumni reveals. While the game's director revealed this back in 2011 (opens in new tab), it's certainly interesting to get Staton's take on how it changed.  

We'd highly recommend reading the full piece from the Hollywood Reporter if you're at all curious about the work that went into L.A. Noire back in the day. Fellow actors Michael Gladis, Myra Turley, Rich Sommer, Kate Norby, and Patrick Fischler all reflect on the detective game throughout the piece, looking back on a game that's generally remembered as one of Rockstar's standouts.

If you wanted to try it out for yourself to mark L.A. Noire's tenth anniversary,  a remastered edition came to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch just over three years ago. Plus, Rockstar recently updated L.A. Noire on PC to make the game's DLC available to everyone for free, so there's even more reason to dip back into Phelps's cases.

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Hirun Cryer
Hirun Cryer

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