Kraven the Hunter becomes Peter's prey in an exclusive preview of Amazing Spider-Man #33

Art from Amazing Spider-Man #33.
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The Amazing Spider-Man continues to be one of Marvel's most surprising, headline-grabbing, sometimes controversial, and often just plain fun books. 

August's #32 brought back Kraven the Hunter (soon to be seen on the big screen in a Sony adaptation that has raised a few eyebrows...) aligning him with the deadly Queen Goblin in a quest to turn the reformed Norman Osborn back into the villainous Green Goblin.

That issue ended with Spider-Man being dramatically stabbed with a spear containing the Goblin's evil essence, creating a monster far more deadly than the one Kraven expected. Yep, Spider-Man is a baddy now - and it seems like he'll be rocking the classic black and white suit when he goes on a rampage.  

Amazing Spider-Man #33 picks up where that issue left off and, as you can see in an exclusive gallery of finished pages below, the Hunter has now become the hunted...

The solicitation blurbs for the next few issues are teasing very dark times ahead for Peter Parker and Co. as the series builds towards October's #35, which Marvel has said will set up the next 24 issues of the run. Quite what that means remains to be seen.

Pages from Amazing Spider-Man #33

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Before all that, however, The Amazing Spider-Man #33 is produced by the series' core creative team of writer Zeb Wells, artist Patrick Gleason, colorist Marcio Menyz and letterer Joe Caramagna. The main cover is by John Romita Jr., with variants by Gleason, John Giang, Junggeun Yoon, Ejikure, Joey Vazquez, and Giada Perissinotto.

The Amazing Spider-Man #33 is published by Marvel Comics on September 6.

Green Goblin and Kraven the Hunter are two of the best Spider-Man villains of all time.

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