KOTOR 3: Don't jump to wrong conclusion, says EA

EA has responded to reports speculating on the existence of a BioWare-developed third game in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series, essentially saying 'don't get excited'.

Hopes that a new Star Wars RPG title is in the pipeline were raised by a slide shown by EA CEO John Riccitiello to analysts that listed newly-owned BioWare attached to Mass Effect, KOTOR, Dragon Age and 'New MMO'.

In response, EA has now told Shacknews, "The slide in John's presentation is titled 'Best Creative Talent' - it addresses future and past titles.

"KOTOR, Black, Boogie, Skate and some other titles on the slide speak to past portfolio releases and the pedigree of the studio but do not specifically address future sequels."

Fair enough, but if KOTOR 3 isn't announced in the future - which would be done by LucasArts anyway - we'll eat our replica lightsabers.

Courtesy of CVG.

Feb 14, 2008