Konami’s awkward E3 presentation is lost in translation

First off, no disrespect to Tak Fuji and Naoki Maeda, you try giving a presentation for a multimillion dollar company in front of hundreds of people in your second language. Even so, it’s hard not to cringe at the awkward results of two eccentric Japanese developers trying to hype their games in broken English. The totally unresponsive audience doesn’t help things either, leading to lots of awkward jokes that go over like lead balloons.

The rough English is made even funnier when you turn on the “transcribe audio” option in the YouTube video (click the CC button).

Yikes. While the idea of having the developer pitch their gameseems a lot better than having a PR guy spit buzzwords and hype at you, this vid reminds us that there's a reason those guys are paid: because they can give a presentation without baffling everyone in the room.

Jun 21, 2010

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