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Konami confirms MGS5 bonus content, Collector's Edition and Metal Gear Online plans

Metal Gear Online will be playable from September 1st and come bundled with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Following yesterday's leaked release date, Konami has confirmed two limited edition MGS5 bundles: a special 'Day One' edition and limited 'Collector's Edition'. The latter comes with a half-scale replica of Snake's bionic hand, plus a raft of exclusive digital content, at a UK retail price of £99.99.

A full list of exclusive content is available but, sadly or not, contains a few glaringly obvious clues about MGS5's plot and unannounced locations. There's reference to dryland, wetland and rocky cardboard boxes, plus a Metal Gear Rex helmet for MG: Online – a possible hint toward the mysterious Metal Gear prototype glimpsed at the end of a previous trailer, perhaps.

Konami's press release re-references Venom Snake – and not Big Boss – which might not discredit the emerging fan theory (potential spoilers ahead) that you really play as iconic series anti-hero, Gray Fox, albeit disguised as the Snake we all know. With a giant horn. That's a story for another day, so stay tuned for the best MGS5 coverage and analysis in the run up to the game's September 1st launch.

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