Kojima reveals more Death Stranding details: "It's not like anything they've played before"

Despite seeing multiple "in-engine" trailers for Death Stranding, we still have little idea of what the game will actually play like. It sounds like that's just how Hideo Kojima wants it. In an interview with BBC Newsbeat about Kojima Productions' ambitions as an independent studio, the former Metal Gear boss said a little bit more about what players can expect from Death Stranding while keeping specific details under wraps.

"We want this game to be something that people can get into easily but after an hour or two they'll start to notice something a little different," Kojima said. "It's not like anything they've played before".

Kojima used music as a metaphor for what he wants to do with his studio and its first project. The truly memorable bands take creative risks, even if that means massive departures from their old material; "they might lose some fans along the way, but they bring in new ones". David Bowie's career springs to mind given all the references to him scattered across the Metal Gear series.

"We don't want to be a studio that re-uses assets, ideas or just makes sequels all the time," Kojima said. "We want it so [that] every time someone plays one of our games they're getting a new experience".

Though whether he likes it or not, some expectations remain about what a Kojima Productions project can and should be: a game that blends action scenes with political and philosophical issues, addressing how they affect everyone from the hero and villain to the rank-and-file on both sides. When Death Stranding comes out in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and you boot it up for the first time, how familiar do you want it to feel?

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