The Kojima Challenge: Can you tell the new Fox Engine from reality?

We've heard exciting news recently on the Unreal Engine and Frostbite fronts, but what of Kojima Productions' internally-developed Fox Engine? The studio released some renders from its newly-updated graphics platform this week (via Andriasang); characteristic of anything associated with Hideo Kojima, you can have the pics and a free brain-puzzle for your troubles. Can you tell which of these images are real-life snapshots of Kojima Productions' conference-room, and which... are an illusion??

The physics-based, ambient lighting shown off by the Fox Engine pics on the right certainly holds its own next to that available in plain old reality 1.0. Here's some more images. Using the Fox Engine-spotting skills you just learned, can you tell which are the real photos?

Trick question – all four of these images are Fox Engine renders. You didn't think Hideo Kojima would really have a horse in his conference-room, did you? That's the sort of thing a crazy person would do. The next Metal Gear title will use the upgraded Fox Engine – and, one can infer, will make all the game's incongruously-placed horses look pretty amazing.