Killzone to liberate internet play

Wednesday 13 September 2006
PSP's third-person Killzone will feature infrastructure play and new missions as free downloadable add-ons "shortly after launch," it has recently been revealed.

Killzone: Liberation offers furious futuristic firefights but many gamers had an altogether different F-word on their lips when they learned it would not be supporting full online (or infrastructure) multiplayer - only ad-hoc mashups - when it launches next month.

Above: Liberation uses a third-person view specifically to play to the strengths the handheld has over a TV

Happily, it seems you'll just have to wait for the Infrastructure mode to go up on the game's community site shortly after launch - and it'll be joined by two multiplayer maps. Further downloadable content will include a whole new chapter of the game, with four single-player missions and multiplayer maps.

Following in the footsteps of Wipeout Pure's downloadable content frenzy (if you somehow missed the Omega tracks downloads, point yourself at the official site now), Killzone: Liberation is the war that keeps on giving - make sure to keep some space clear on that memory stick.