Killzone Liberation hits PSP

Do not adjust your eye-globes, this is not a rumour - Killzone Liberation is launching an assault on your PSP, and we've got the images to prove it. Sony has confirmed this completely new future-war adventure, and it's specially designed for handheld carnage.

Built from scratch to create a new episode in the Helghast-bashing universe, Killzone Liberation uses a third-person viewpoint to maximise easy blasting on PSP. Just take a look at these screens and you'll get an idea of how this will work.

Following on from the conclusion of Killzone on PS2, Liberation redeploys the action to another frontline on war torn Vekta - an Earth-controlled colony invaded by jackbooted Helghast rebels seeking retribution.

Promoted to commander of a covert hostage rescue operation, Killzone's ISA hero Templar returns to spearhead an assault on Metrac, the Helghast General, in what's looking more like an MGS stealth-o-rama than a mindless bullet-fest. We like how that sounds.

Anyone fearing that PSP would only ever be a recycling ground for hit PS2 games should heave a sigh of relief. Killzone Liberation is looking like joining GTA: Liberty City Stories as an originally developed killer title for PSP. And it can't come soon enough. Expect a detailed info burst real soon.

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