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That Killzone graphics lawsuit got thrown out of court

The lawsuit brought against Sony over claims it mislead gamers about the graphical quality of Killzone Shadow Fall's multiplayer has been dismissed "with prejudice". A fancy legal way of saying 'take a hike and don't come back'.

Alright, technically 'dismissed with prejudice' means it's a final judgement that both stops the plaintiff resubmitting another claim, or anyone else trying anything similar. It's a Res judicata, or 'matter judged'.

[Closes wikipedia tab]

What it means is that Douglas Ladore's 2014 legal attempt to claim "damages for fraud, breach of contract, false advertising, unfair competition and unjust enrichment" has ended. He'd originally said that Sony had dishonestly advertised Kilzone Shadow Fall's multiplayer as 1080p when in fact the game shipped with a lower upscaled resolution. The ruling states that "final settlement terms were filed under seal" and according to that statement "each party will bear its own costs". Probably expensive then. Both sides have refused to issue any additional comments or statement.

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