Killzone 2 - a friendly reminder

3 Dec, 2007

We haven't heard so much as a fart come from the Killzone 2 camp over the last few months (it was most recently sighted amongst the sausages at Leipzig Game Convention in August), but Sony has given us a gentle nudge in the agreeable form of some new screenshots to remind us that Guerilla's upcoming shooter may be the antithesis of blue sky gaming, but it's definitely worth getting sweaty about.

Admittedly, the majority of pics have previously been spotted in the wild, but there are a couple that we haven't seen before - one of which you can see below. If you need to prod your memory nodule as to why you should be chomping at the chain for Killzone 2, check out ourimage gallery,various moviesandhyper-excitable preview. Go knock yourself out.