Kill Carmine in Gears of War 3, help kids with Child's Play

Meet Clayton Carmine, the rookie who will be introduced in the final chapter of Gears of War 3. Now that introductions have been taken care of, you can decide if he lives or dies in the game. Starting on July 29, you can vote to decide the fate of Carmine by purchasing avatar shirts Xbox LIVE.

If you want him to live, you can purchase a “Save Carmine” t-shirt. But if you don’t think Carmine deserves to survive, you can purchase a “Carmine Must Die” t-shit. It sounds like a cheap way to make squeeze some extra profits out of Gears of War 3. But all proceeds from purchased shirts will be donated directly to the charity Child’s Play.

Attendees at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego, California will be able to cast their vote by purchasing a real life “Save Carmine” or “Carmine Must Die” t-shirt for $20 at the NECA booth (#3145). If you visit the Xbox 360 booth (#5153) on Saturday, July 24 at 12:00 pm, Gears of War 3’s design director Cliff Bleszinski, executive producer Rod Fergusson, and lead writer Karen Traviss, will be signing exclusive Comic-Con posters. You can also get some hands-on time with Gears of War 3’s Beast Mode there throughout the convention.

Above: We have the feeling that most folks will opt for the “Carmine Must Die” t-shirt. What say you?

July 21, 2010