Key PC mags to see StarCraft 2?

It's recently emerged via a press release appearing on a Korean website that StarCraft 2 will be unveiled at Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational on May 19, in Seoul, South Korea.

Unsurprisingly, Vivendi's press office maintains a "no comment stance" on the situation, butwe've learned that two key UK PC magazines have already been scheduled to attend the Blizzard event next month for the purposes of editorial coverage.Wanna betthey're there for a "big game" exclusive announcement?

It's also worth noting that StarCraft is one of, if not the biggest game in South Korean historywith Blizzard PR noting as far back as 1999 that the original game and its expansion pack had sold in excess of one million units in a country of 40 million people. Furthermore, CNN reported last year that StarCraft is so popular in South Korea that TV channels broadcast live matches between professional players to the nation.

It would seem natural then for Blizzard to honor the Korean event with the announcement of such a major title - where they'll undoubtedly be hoping to repeat the success of their previous StarCraft games.

Consider it fact.

April 26, 2007