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Kenneth Branagh to direct 30s rowing tale The Boys in the Boat

Having recently directed Thor for Marvel, Kenneth Branagh's next film will be 1930s rowing drama The Boys in the Boat .

The Weinstein Company have nabbed the rights to the non-fiction book proposal from Daniel James Brown, which focuses on Washington University's rowing team of the 30s.

Branagh described the film as "an epic", saying: "I was completely captivated by the characters, the era, and the dreams of a generation unfolding beautifully and dramatically."

'Sources' have loosely described the story as Seabiscuit meets Chariots of Fire .

To be honest, The Boys in the Boat sounds more up Branagh's street than Thor did, although judging by the trailers he seems to have handled the big-budget superhero action superbly.

This prestige pic will probably be the chance for Branagh to return to his comfort zone while Thor goes off to join The Avengers for a while, and it'll let him kill some time before the inevitable Thor 2