Keith Richards officially confirmed in Pirates 3

The news has been floating around the choppy waters of rumour island for yonks, and now, after several less-than-subtle hints by more than one cast member, Bill Nighy has broken the code of silence and admitted that Rolling Stone Keith Richards is definitely appearing in Pirates Of The Caribbean: At Worlds End.

Talking to US network Fox News, Nighy remarked that while he wasn’t on set for Richards’ appearance, he had heard the tale of Keef’s time on the set. According to Nighy, the production team’s decision to leave him alone in his trailer before shooting his big scene left the ageing rocker in a somewhat inebriated state, leading to director Gore Verbinski helping to keep him straight by holding his shins. “"If you'd wanted straight, then you got the wrong man," Richards said.

According to other sources, Richards’ pirate outfit is similar to Depp’s (fitting, since he’s playing his dad) and Depp had such a rollicking good time with Richards that the muso gifted him a set of steps the production team had built for his trailer, after signing them, and adding the words “A step too far”. Nice one, Keef – now try to stay away from climbing trees, eh?

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