Karl Urban talks Dredd sequel

Karl Urban has been discussing the possibility of a sequel to Dredd , and says that despite the film’s relatively poor box office showing, there could yet be scope for a follow-up.

Made on a budget of $45 million, the film grossed just $35.6 million worldwide, meaning that a sequel had initially looked unlikely. However, according to Urban, there may yet be demand for a second film...

“Interestingly enough, I did have breakfast with Alex Garland this morning,” says Urban. “It’s not off the agenda. Clearly everyone has woken up to the fact that an audience has found this movie and loves it.

“It’s entirely possible, and if people want to see another instalment then they should be vocal about that, because it can happen. The power of fandom can resurrect projects. In fact, that’s what happened with Star Trek . They weren’t going to do a third season until fans did a letter writing campaign and they continued that series.”

Fan of the first film? Expect a Kickstarter campaign asking you to put your money into a sequel, sooner rather than later...

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