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Just who will be Captain America?

Reports ran rampant yesterday regarding casting of Joe Johnston’s Captain America .

First, John Krasinski (a firm favourite with producers and news reporters for the past few weeks) was said to have all-but signed a deal to play the patriotic do-gooder.

Then, suddenly, he wasn’t. Apparently he read for the part four times, and recorded a costumed screen test. But now Mike Fleming at Deadline is reporting that Krasinski has bailed on (or been bailed out of) the project altogether.

Not only that, but Marvel have expanded their search to include two previously un-tapped “serious” contenders; Mike Vogel ( Cloverfield , this year’s She’s Out Of My League ) and Garrett Hedlund ( Tron: Legacy ). Meanwhile, Chris Evans is also in there somewhere with a slim chance.

So who will it be? Previous contenders Chace Crawford, Scott Porter, Michael Cassidy and Patrick Flueger have all been kicked to the curb, so attention is fixed entirely on Vogel, Hedlund and Evans.

Our take? Vogel is little-known enough to be what Hollywood producers love to refer to as “fresh”, meaning they might favour his lack of filmic baggage over Chris Evans’ string of big screen turds ( Fantastic Four , Push , ouch).

But then, Hedlund is all-but-guaranteed to be a major star this time next year in the wake of Tron: Legacy 's release. Signing him early would be a very wise move for Marvel (assuming Legacy is good, which we have a feeling it might be). By the time America is shot and in the can, they should have a shiny new star on their hands.

Whatever happens, Joe Johnston is already way past his casting deadline of 1 March, and with filming heading to our little island in June, the clock really is ticking.

Who’s your favourite?