Just how different is American Gods from the book? The showrunners talk about what they changed

There's always an awkward conversation to be had when a much-loved book is turned into a movie or TV show. Plot points have to be cut, characters need to be changed, and some things might even have to be added for a more modern audience. Whether or not fans of the books accept those changes, is a testament to the showrunners, and that's very much the case with American Gods - old time fans and newcomers a like enjoyed the fantastical series. But just how much did they have to change? It turns out, quite a lot...

Laura Moon is made a central character, Technical Boy gets a modern update, and Bilquis is more of a feminist, but that's not all. Watch the above Blu-ray extra exclusively on GR+ before it's released at the end of the month, and find out just how much of the American Gods book was changed for the series. 

American Gods is available to own digitally now, and on Steelbook, Blu-ray, and DVD from July 31, 2017.

James Jarvis
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