Just Cause coming to 360

Publisher Eidos has announced today that its upcoming government-toppling action title Just Cause will also make an appearance on Xbox 360 this fall, in addition to the previously confirmed releases for PC, Xbox and PS2.

Developed by Avalanche Studios, Just Cause offers a volatile mix of political turmoil, weapons of mass destruction, rebel factions and drug cartels all bubbling away nicely under the relentless sun of tropical South American island, San Esperito.

You slip into the cunning shoes of undercover CIA operative Rico Rodriguez as he's air-dropped to the beautiful - but not particularly tourist friendly - Esperito in an assignment to overthrow the dodgy government as it becomes an increasing threat to world peace.

Over 300 missions will be featured and a variety of land, sea and air vehicles will be at your disposal for getting around the island - which consists of mountain, beach, jungle, city and village areas.

Rodriguez will apparently be able to use any scheming methods he chooses to destabilize and ultimately rid Esperito of its crooked leaders, whether it's aiding rebel forces, sparking an uprising amongst the population or by fanning the flames of friction between the island's various rival factions. In other words, making muchas problemas.

Matt Cundy
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