Julia Roberts attached to In The Neighbourhood

Julia Roberts and her production company have nabbed the rights to Peter Lovenheim's nonfiction book In The Neighbourhood.

The odd concept got its start when the writer realised that there was a real lack of community in his little suburban nook and, intending to get to know his neighbours, visits them to ask if he can come in for sleepovers.

Apparently it went better than expected (i.e. he's still alive) and he managed to get a book out of the experience.

Now Red Om Films has grabbed up the rights to the tome, which will hit shelves in April and will assign a writer to turn it into a star vehicle for Roberts.

She's busy juggling several projects in development, including a real-life tale of mountaineer George Mallory, a Civil Rights tale of racism and prejudice, and the story of a murdered photojournalist. They all sound delightful.

[Source: Variety ]

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