Joss Whedon builds his Cabin In The Woods

Joss Whedon is fiendishly busy at the moment, but somehow he always seems to thrive that way. Well, until he runs home crying and consumes a pint of ice cream while watching Hello Dolly. Aaanyway...

MTV talked to the man behind Buffy and Serenity and got him to spill on his current slate. Seems that Goners, his “horror fantasy” that had been exciting Universal in the run up to Serenity has taken a turn for the backburner at the studio and is currently floating without a greenlight.

In much more active development is his other film script, horror comedy Cabin In The Woods, which got a little bit hotter since co-writer Drew Goddard’s Cloverfield was such a big success. It appears this’ll be the next Whedon film down the pipe. Oh, and he’s also working on his new TV show Dollhouse (with the lovely Eliza Dushku starring) and is ready to premiere the awesome looking Internet musical Dr Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog. Look for the first episode to go live on July 15th… And click on the link for loads more.