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Josh Duhamel attached to What's He Got?

Bucking the recent trend of studio script buys drying up, Disney has just splashed some cash to purchase a comedy pitch called What's He Got for Transformers' Josh Duhamel to star in.

Walt Becker - who inflicted Wild Hogs (below) on the world, and looks like he'll do the same with Old Dogs - is attached to direct the film, though very little else is known about it.

Kevin Bisch, who wrote Hitch, penned this latest offering, which is described as a high concept romantic comedy.

So we decided to offer up some guesses. See which one you'd rather watch - if any.

1. What's He Got? A a laugh riot set partially in an STD clinic, where the receptionist is shocked to see her latest conquest walk in to get tested.

2. What's He Got? A comedy about what happens when a woman in more focused on her beau's financial status that his charming personality.

3. What's He Got? High camp on the high seas as a fisherman catches a mermaid, then falls for her.

Disney will develop the film, so we'll have to wait and see if our fantasy pitches are anywhere near reality.

[Source: Variety ]

What do you think it'll be about? Your pitches, please...