Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks Looper, Batman and Don Jons Addiction: video interview

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in this week's hotly anticipated sci-fi thriller Looper , and we caught up with him in New York for an exclusive video interview that you can watch below.

If you’re after the kind of blockbuster that talks up to its audience, matches intense action beats with poignant character moments, and sets the whole thing within an incredibly realised near-future world, get yourself down to the multiplex this weekend.

The concept is intriguingly simple, and sure to inspire fevered post-viewing debate. In 2044, Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a hitman with a very specific remit: whacking victims sent back in time from 30 years in the future by the mob.

Things get complicated when he tasked with offing his future self (played by Bruce Willis) and ‘closing his loop’. Saying any more risks spoilers, so get watching the video below now (which is spoiler-free, unless you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet).

JG-L’s had an incredible year, following TDKR with a make-up-assisted performance as a young Willis in Looper , before playing the president’s son in Steven Spielberg’s awards-hopeful, Lincoln . And on top of all that, he’s working on his own directorial debut, Don Jon’s Addiction .

Watch the video interview now:


We’ll also be running a video interview with Looper director Rian Johnson, but as it’s on the spoilery side, it’ll be better appreciated after viewing the film, so we’re holding it back until next week.

Looper opens on 28 September 2012.

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