Johnny Storm becomes a Watchman

Despite having the clear advantage of being able to spontaneously combust into a ball of flames, Chris Evans is quickly becoming hot property in Hollywood.

No sooner has his tan begun to fade after basking in Danny Boyle's dazzling sci-fi flick Sunshine, Evans is to launch back onto cinema screens as the cocky, hot-headed Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Now it has been reported that he’s going to be working with Harsh Times director David Ayer on his new flick The Night Watchman, a Cop Land style thriller from the pen of LA Confidential scriber, James Ellroy.

The plot will follow a disgraced policeman who's dealt an opportunity for redemption after he uncovers a pit of corruption inside his department.

Evans will reportedly play a good cop who leads the investigation and will be joined by Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker.

The Night Watchman is scheduled for release in 2008. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is released on the 15th June.