John Woo's epic battle trailer!

Big swords, giant armies, burning castles, dead horses, titanic battles… Is John Woo back with a vengeance?

Brace yourself for the new trailer for Red Cliff, the eye-roasting Chinese battle epic that Woo has just wrapped back in Asia.

The Face/Off helmer hasn’t directed a film since 2003’s rubbish sci-fier Paycheck, having arguably never managed to recapture the bloody thrills of Hard-Boiled and The Killer in Hollywood.

But Red Cliff, starring Lust, Caution uber-thesp Tony Leung and budgeted at a mighty $75 million, looks like something else.

Set in 208 AD, Woo’s film sees the Chinese empire wage full-scale war on two kingdoms in an effort to unite the country.

Combat culminates in the battle of Red Cliff, during which two thousand ships are burned, and the course of Chinese history was changed forever.

Click here to pillage Ain’t It Cool for the trailer.

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