John Boyega's asking EA for a "full on story mode" in Star Wars Battlefront

We always knew the Star War's cast were exceptionally cool people, now it looks like one of them is using that power for the good of all. John Boyega, who plays ex-Stormtrooper Finn, has been outright asking EA to add a story mode to Star Wars Battlefront. And EA have been answering.

Here's the tweet from Boyega:

This isn't a career minded interest either:

Okay, so he's a fan and, like most of us, would have loved some story stuff in the game beyond the bot-tastic Mission bits. EA did mention those to Boyega who replied with this:

Which is when Daddy EA twitter took over from the Star Wars account and basically said, 'sure, come on over':

Now, it's unlikely, even with his boyish good looks and Hollywood clout, that Boyega can get EA to greenlight the expensive and lengthy production of a single player campaign but it'll be interesting to see what happens if he takes the publisher up on its offer of a visit. Just don't get your hopes up for a cameo in Battlefront as EA has categorically stated in the past the that the two film canons can never cross.

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