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The Star Wars cast really are the coolest people on the planet right now

Even if Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the only thing the cast had done before disappearing into the night, they'd still be amazing. But obviously they've been up to way, way more than that, and not that far, far away either (sorry!). Nearly all the core players in Episode VII have proved themselves to be effortlessly cool in the most ordinary of circumstances, so let's take a quick look at why.

WARNING: there might be a couple of spoilers so stay clear if you're one of the four people who haven't seen the film yet.

Let's start with John Boyega who has an adorable dude crush on Harrison Ford:

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In fact, they pretty much went on a bro date to a Nigerian restaurant in Peckham, which he talks about here while doing some great Harrison Ford impressions:

He's also making British Transport better one message at a time. 

Then we've got Daisy Ridely who made this cake (opens in new tab) with her godfather!

While Adam Driver can't do clothes right but for some reason that's okay.

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Honestly, totally confused by jumpers.

Oscar Isaac on the other hand proved he's not one for egos, explaining that when he first took the part of Poe Dameron (opens in new tab), the character was meant to die. He signed up anyway, before the script was changed to ensure everyone's favourite pilot survived and giving us one of the film's greatest romances:

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Oscar also finally answered the question (opens in new tab) everyone was asking:

And he won't stop.

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While John Boyega saved everyone's favourite robot, BB-8, when things got to much on the press tour:

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And proved even when he's annoying he's great, as shown by Daisy Ridley's Instagram post (opens in new tab) where she says, "this is what I have to put up with for 10 hours'.

Adam's also just shown off a lighter side to his dark side by mocking one of the most iconic movie villains of the year.

While Daisy let people know she can deadlift 176 pounds but isn't standing for any of your shit (opens in new tab):

Seriously, she will (opens in new tab) kick your ass.

In case you were wondering, there is a good reason (opens in new tab) why they picked Adam to play Harrison Ford's son. That's him on the left:

He's also got his priorities nailed.

Carrie Fisher's life means she's got some interesting advice to pass on to her co-stars. Such as this nugget: "Don't go through the crew like wildfire'.

Honestly, she is not (opens in new tab) sugar coating it for the new guys.

But it's okay because Daisy is fuelling imaginations in a far healthier way and inspiring stuff like this (opens in new tab):

Meanwhile Carrie has an amazing dog called Gary that she takes to interviews, before totally derailing with some fairly brutal honesty.

And Harrison Ford? Come on, he's Han Solo.

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