Joel Kinnaman talks RoboCop reboot

RoboCop is getting a fresh lick of paint in José Padilha’s upcoming reimagining, and according to new star Joel Kinnaman, the reboot will also represent a significant departure from Paul Verhoeven’s original.

“RoboCop is going to be a lot more human,” explains Kinnaman, who shot to stardom in TV’s The Killing . The first movie is one of my favourite movies. I love it. Of course, Verhoeven has that very special tone, and it’s not going to have that tone.

“It’s a re-imagination of it,” he continues. “There’s a lot of stuff from the original. There are some details and throwbacks, but this version is a much better acting piece for Alex Murphy and especially when he is RoboCop. It’s much more challenging.”

He also dropped a few tidbits about RoboCop’s suit, which will also be changing for the new film. “It’s not going to be jaw acting,” he explained. “They’re still working on the suit and how it’s going to look, but the visor is going to be see-through. You’re going to see his eyes.”

All of which might give purists some cause for alarm, although Kinnaman’s comments about the film’s potential certificate might help to allay some fears.

“I sincerely hope they’re going for R, because I can’t imagine how RoboCop could be PG-13,” said the star. “That would be a huge mistake. If I have any say in it, I will fight very hard for it. It has to be violent.” RoboCop will open in the US on 9 August 2012.

George Wales

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