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Joe Carnahan's a Remarkable Fellow

Looks like the recent collapse of Bunny Lake Is Missing isn’t stopping Joe Carnahan from setting up more projects. He’s already got White Jazz bubbling away waiting for George Clooney to star and now he’s sold a new pitch to Universal.

But The Remarkable Fellows is not an original Carnahan. In fact, the buddy action comedy is partly the work of Smokin’ Aces thesp Jason Bateman, who worked on the idea while the pair were making Aces.

It’ll follow two brothers who are handed the mantle of the family business, which involves taking plotting acts of revenge for clients. According to Bateman, the pair is "part James Bond and part Ricky Jay, who get assignments from their father and carry them out all over the world,” as he told Variety. “The revenge scenario is dependent on the intricacy of the plot. If the president of a major bank was sleeping with the French ambassador's wife, the banker would call these guys.”

Bateman is in line to play one of the brothers, but he’ll have to wait: while Carnahan is definitely writing the movie, he’ll wait to consider directing it until after White Jazz has been shot.