JJ Abrams talks new Star Trek gadgets

JJ Abrams and his team might be chronically tight-lipped when it comes to the slightest detail of the new Star Trek movie’s plot, but fans can at least rest assured that plenty of the franchise’s favourite technological toys will crop up on screen.

After all, what would Star Trek be without transporters, warp engines, tricorders and phasers? Leaving all that out is, in our opinion, against the laws of physics. Fortunately, Abrams can see our logic.

“If you do the bridge of the Enterprise, what does it look like? Does Uhura have the piece in her ear, or does she not? And if she does, what does it look like? If they have tricorders, what do they look like? Phasers, how do you go from stun to kill, and does anything happen?

“What does the whole fleet look like? I’m telling you, every day, we were figuring this out, how do we take what we know and love and Star Trek and apply it to a modern audience,” he told MTV .

But what if you don’t know your dilithium rod from your impulse engine. You’re not going to be lost, according to co-writer Roberto Orci: “At the same time it’s meant for hardcore fans, it’s designed very much to be seen if you don’t know anything about it, including the story of how they all met. It’s finally, truly Star Trek Zero in a way. You don’t have to know anything."

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