Jessica Biel talks April O'Neil in Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles movie


Jessica Biel has revealed a secret love for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and is already staking her claim on the role of April, the Turtles’ flame-haired journo buddy.

While chatting with Collider , the actress said: “I dig the Ninja Turtles . I always liked the Ninja Turtles – didn't they already make that movie though?”

Yep, four in fact (three live-action, one CGI), but that hasn’t stopped Michael Bay and Paramount forging ahead with a much-buzzed-about reboot .

Bay’s already caused a bit of a storm with his supposed revisionist take on the Turtle lore, telling fans in March that the film would involve “a richer world”.

Meanwhile, Turtles creator Kevin Eastman appeased fans by assuring them that it’s going to be “easily the best Turtles movie yet”.

Biel’s obviously keen, too. After finding out that Wrath Of The Titans director Jonathan Liebesman will be behind the camera , the Total Recall actress made it clear she wants in.

“I dig April, she’s cool,” she said. “She wore a yellow suit and she was a redhead. That was a great show, I loved it as a kid so sure! Yeah!”

Obviously it’s early days, and Biel doesn’t seem to have been approached about the role yet.

Still, Bay could do far worse than getting Biel on side – especially as Hollywood’s go-to redheads Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain both have ridiculously busy slates at the moment.

The new TMNT movie is being made for a not inconsiderably $100m and will open in cinemas in December 2013.

Jessica Biel can next be seen in Total Recall , which opens 29 August 2012.

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