Jessica Biel joining Thor?

It’s only just started to gear up properly, but the rumours about Thor casting are still rolling – with Jessica Biel reportedly in talks.

According to “sources” that talked to Nuke The Fridge (so hire a truck of salt to take it with), Biel is in discussions to play the lead’s love interest.

There’s no word on what that might mean, but the site does have suggestions, including a human nurse who becomes Thor’s lady when he’s stuck on Earth, The Enchantress or Sif, and Asgardian warrior who Thor falls for.

And we’ve no confirmation yet as to whether the story will even bring the hero to Earth.

You might remember that Natalie Portman has previously been linked to a possible role, but of course all we have right now is the rumours.

But let’s face it – we’d be happy to see Biel join the cast…

[Source: Nuke The Fridge ]

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