Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn't like one Negan detail in The Walking Dead season 11

Negan in The Walking Dead
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Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has revealed that one detail in particular bothered him about The Walking Dead season 11 – though spinoff Dead City might clear it up. 

In season 11, Negan is revealed to have remarried, and his new wife Annie was even pregnant. But, as Morgan explained to the Kelly Ripa's Let's Talk Off Camera podcast, he isn't so sure the plot point makes sense. 

"I don't know that he would've gotten married again, and they had Negan get married at the end of The Walking Dead," he commented. "But we never saw the story of how he met this person and why he would've married her, which always bummed me out, because I think he was so in love with his wife Lucille, and had made such a production out of the whole Lucille of it all; having him show up with a wife, without telling the story of why and how, was always a problem, an issue I had. But that's what happens when you're doing a show with 30 main characters, you're not able to service each character as well as you may want to. And I think now with Dead City, we'll get some answers."

Lucille – played by Morgan's real life wife Hilarie Burton – died of cancer, as revealed in a flashback, Negan-centric episode of The Walking Dead. Negan named his infamous baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire after his late partner. 

Dead City has dropped one episode so far, with five more on the way. In the opening episode, it was implied that Negan doesn't want to talk about what has become of his new wife and child – but, judging by Morgan's comments, we can assume we'll find out more soon enough. 

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