Japan: Nintendo platforms dominant

The Wii held onto the top spot in Japan while the DS fought back to outsell the PSP during the week ended February 17.

A weekly drop in Wii sales wasn't enough to stop the system bossing the latest Japanese hardware chart - the system outsold its handheld sibling by more than 16,000 units.

While DS took back the No2 spot from PSP following a small weekly sales boost there was only a marginal difference in sales between the two handhelds.

PS3 sales suffered the largest weekly dip but Sony's latest console still managed to outsell its predecessor and Xbox 360 combined.

Wii - 78,583
Nintendo DS - 62,362
PSP - 59,654
PlayStation 3 - 17,637
PlayStation 2 - 11,266
Xbox 360 - 2,198

Courtesy of Next Generation

Feb 22, 2008