I've been waiting so long for this Wingspan-with-dragons spinoff, and now it's on sale

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I always expected to be on board with any Wingspan spin-off, especially if that board game featured dragons. But I didn't expect a massive price cut on the thing before it's even out.

If you're quick, you can get Wyrmspan for £43.70 at Magic Madhouse instead of the £54.99 RRP. (A saving of just over £11, in other words.) I can't say for sure because it's so new, but I think that may be the Wingspan spin-off's lowest price to date. And even if it's not, that's still the best offer I've found so far on a follow up to one of the best board games.

Announced earlier this year, the new Wingspan board game with dragons has already made my 2024. With that in mind, seeing it take a sizeable (and unexpected) price cut ahead of its release at the end of March definitely made me sit up and take notice. We've got more detail on the offer below, and you can find more in our page of the latest board game deals.

Wyrmspan | £54.99£43.70 at Magic Madhouse
Save £11 - Buy it if:
✅ You loved Wingspan
✅ You like zen games

Don't buy it if:
❌ Price check:

Wyrmspan | £54.99 £43.70 at Magic Madhouse
Save £11 -  I can't say for sure if that's the spin-off's lowest ever price, but I'd hazard a guess it is. I've certainly not seen it for cheaper, and it's averaging between £45 and £47 elsewhere.

Buy it if:
✅ You loved Wingspan
✅ You like zen games

Don't buy it if:
You didn't like Wingspan

Price check:
Zatu | £44.99
💲 Zavvi | £44.99

Should you buy Wyrmspan?

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Although nobody's been able to get their hands on Wyrmspan yet (it's not on shelves and press copies haven't arrived at the time of writing), it should be one to watch if its predecessor Wingspan is anything to go by. The latter won awards and often appears on lists of the top board games for adults, so this one certainly has the pedigree.

As such, I'm happy that it doesn't change what worked about the original. You're still running a nature preserve and attracting animals to live there, but those animals are fire-breathing monsters instead of birds. That means its relaxing loop of gathering resources to bring in more creatures that give you even more resources (and so on) remains intact. I was always taken with Wingspan's race to score the most points because it was competitive without being too intense, so that's no bad thing if you ask me. 

Should be enough to breathe new life into the system while still holding on to what worked

It adds to the formula with on-theme additions, too. Alongside all-new artwork made in the same gorgeous watercolour style, you can hatch baby dragons from eggs and see them through to adulthood. You'll also have to excavate old caves for your drakes to live in, not to mention go on quests. So far as I can tell, that should be enough to breathe new life into the system while still holding on to what worked.

According to the listing, Wyrmspan will hit shelves on 29 March.

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