It's "too early" to talk about Killzone while Guerrilla is working on Horizon

While everyone's getting excited about Horizon's dinosaurs there is the small matter of that little Killzone game Guerrilla has been making since 2004. What's going on with that, while robo-saurs roam the Earth?

There's been no mention of a second team working on anything else, although key Killzone people like director Steven Ter Heide or designer Eric Boltjes don't seem to be involved with Horizon. That said, there are currently 200 people at the studio according to Guerrilla's managing director Hermen Hulst. In the new issue of Edge, on sale this week, he has this to say when asked about the studio's other game: "my enthusiasm for Horizon by no means should suggest that I’m now uninterested in Killzone. We love that franchise, we really do. But it’s too early for me to comment on future projects. It’s going to be a very big challenge for us to get this title out the door. And as for what’s going to happen after that? We’ll talk about that later".

As for how big a challenge? "After we shipped Killzone: Shadow Fall, and we’d been through the hoopla of doing a launch title, I thought that was going to be the toughest thing we’d ever do, says Hermen. "It pales in comparison to [Horizon]".

You can read more about Horizon: Zero Dawn and hear fromHermen Hulst in thenew Edge Magazine out on Friday the 31st of July. You can find it on shelves, downloaddigitallyorsubscribeto future issues.

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