It's not just you, Palworld players keep accidentally blowing up their bases with rocket launchers: "I thought I had my grapple out"

Palworld base
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Sometimes the excitement of unlocking a rocket launcher to use against droves of innocent creatures overwhelms us, leading to situations where an entire home gets accidentally, err, damaged. It's not just you, though! Palworld players can't stop blowing up their bases, accidentally or otherwise.

Palworld is normally focused on survival shenanigans (resource management, crafting, base-building) and monster-taming (catching Pals, training them, forcing them into manual labor). But occasionally, the game surprises you with a fancy new toy, including grapple hooks or rocket launchers, which are sometimes easy to mix up, as evidenced by the clips below.

Palworld players have been posting about their unfortunate accidents recently. The first one, embedded below, sees one player demolish their entire home because they mistakenly thought their grapple hook was equipped. Hard work goes boom. "Luckily I quit the game immediately after the video ends and it didn't save," the player writes. 

i thought i had my grappler out… from r/Palworld

Enjoy two more examples below, as some unsuspecting builders decide to refurbish their bases with some unsafe equipment - installing rooftop hot tubs would probably be simpler without explosive weapons in hand. My favorite new acronym? "WOOPS (or: Why you never want to have the Rocket Launcher as your equipped weapon when you teleport to your base.)"

Don’t build your base holding a rocket launcher… from r/Palworld
WOOPS (or: Why you never want to have the Rocket Launcher as your equipped weapon when you teleport to your base) from r/Palworld

This last player decided to goof around and find out, by which I mean they shot a rocket into their home base for funsies and immediately regretted the cleanup left in its wake. Just reckless behavior from someone hosting friends and Pals. (Sigh.)

Thought it would be funny to launch a rocket in the base. Instant regret. from r/Palworld

One Pocketpair developer has said that “Palworld only really begins from here,” after they expected the survival hit to peak at 50,000 players. 

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