It's been a month and 'more vendor cash' still tops the Starfield community's list of most-wanted changes

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Bethesda is playing the long game with Starfield, with future updates looking to add and update features and quality of life improvements, seemingly including those city maps everyone wants. The sci-fi RPG's modding community has already outlined over 240 problems to iron out, and the broader player population is still regularly and loudly talking about a recurring pain point: vendors don't have enough money to buy all your crap. 

A recent rising post on the Starfield subreddit reckons that vendors, like gacha gamers staring down a new banner, need their wallets buffed. "Having ultra limited carry capacity combined with very low vendor cash is seriously a nightmare," argues FeintLight123. They're in good company, and I'm not just talking about the replies to their post, which are filled with comparisons to the handy Investor mechanic in Skyrim that made selling to vendors a lot simpler. 

Starfield players have been complaining about tiny vendor wallets for as long as they've been playing Starfield. The game's been playable for a little over a month at this point if you account for the pre-order early access period, and some variant of 'more vendor cash' has been a talking point the entire time. 

"Why are all the vendors so damn broke?" asked RIP_Mitch_Hedberg five days ago. 

"We need more credits at vendors so it doesn't take an hour to offload our inventory to make money the "right way," argued ApacheSasquach last earlier in September. 

"There’s no reason for vendors to have so little credits," lordmainstream said a few weeks after Starfield's launch, racking up over 10,000 upvotes. "This was a hassle in Skyrim and Fallout but even more in Starfield. In Starfield you come across a lot more valuable items that you can’t sell because every vendor is poorer than me."

The list of likeminded Reddit posts goes on and on, and Starfield's Steam discussions are full of similar complaints. However, the only major change to Starfield vendors since launch was, ironically, a fix to an easy money exploit that let you plunder the unintentionally accessible inventories of several vendors. Of course, plenty of Starfield money glitches remain, and with vendors still being as poor as they are, they can almost feel necessary if you're after a true fortune. 

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