It’s been a long time coming, but here’s who Emilia Clarke is playing in the Han Solo movie

It says a lot about the trials and tribulations of the Han Solo movie that the involvement of the Mother of Dragons herself, Emilia Clarke, has sorta been swept to the wayside. But worry no more, the name of her character has finally been revealed.

What with the cutting of Michael K. Williams’ character from the movie thanks to reshoots, you’d be forgiven for holding your breath when it came to Emilia Clarke’s character. Thankfully, a Michael K. Williams excerpt from a Vanity Fair interview gave us the parting gift of Clarke’s character name: Kira.

Williams describes his own (now nixed) role as “a link between Han Solo and Emilia’s character, Kira”. The roundabout way for Kira and Han Solo meeting chimes in with an earlier leaked set shot showing Clarke, complete with flowing robes, leading Han, Chewie and Woody Harrelson through a fancy-looking interior. They certainly looked unfamiliar with each other at that point.

My best guess? She’s nobility of some sort. I hear she’s quite good at pulling off royal roles… That’s at odds with previous rumours of Clarke playing Han’s girlfriend, but you never know how things might turn out with that lovable rogue.

It’s probably worth pointing out that believe that the spelling of Clarke’s character name is ‘Kura’ and not Kira. So, she’s named after an IKEA bed and not the name of the Death Note killer. Good to know.

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Image: Paramount

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